Smoked Pork or Brisket Ramen

Smoked Pork or Brisket Ramen

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Heating instructions;

allow ingredients to come to room temperature, one hour will do.

1) In a pot bring water to the boil
2) Reheat noodles for 60 seconds & add to bowl
3) Heat bok choy for 30 seconds & add to the bowl
4) Add ramen egg
5) Warm broth in microwave for 4 minutes (or until piping hot, can do in a pot if you can be bothered with the washing up) also
Heat pork belly/brisket for 1.5 minutes in the boiling water.
6) Pour hot broth into bowl over noodles & add other toppings, remove reheated pork belly/brisket from pack & add to the bowl,